Pals Staffing Services is established as a linkage and partnership with other organization to create an effective, coordinated employment supportive solution.  We are created to assist client with the goals of finding the right personnel for the jobs.  Our client is always the center of planning and we set high standard for our staff in any work environment to meet the needs of our client.  We support all our staffs in continually building their knowledge and skills in providing more training in the field necessary to be the best in any job situation.

We continually seek out new opportunities to use our resources more effectively by working closely and building professional relationship with our clients to enrich their programs. In our effort to recruit qualified , educated and experience staff in various field of health-care, social and developmental service field, we have teamed up with various accredited colleges and higher institutions to attend job fairs with their graduating students allowing us to have a strong database of well qualified staff in the field.

The primary objective in recruiting our staff is their willingness to work and their ability to learn and adapt to work environment.  Our staff receives extensive training in area applicable to their work.  Each staff must pass an aptitude test and an interview before they can be hired.

Educating programs, training, seminars and workshops are provided before being sent to any field to meet the need of clients.  Reference checks are conducted by the human resource department before being hired. Our experience in health care and social service field allows us to quickly respond to your needs while delivering a high degree of professional services, as a result, we provide well trained and fully experienced staff.

We are able to retain well qualified staff by our professional policy of inclusion, reward system, appreciation, nomination and commendation for a job well done .