Pals Staffing Services Inc. accounting department provides client with an updated billing record on a weekly basis.  Our minimum billing is for four hours.

A detailed invoice record is provided for each hour worked at different locations to tally with the time sheet report.


If there are mistakes of any kind on hours worked by an employee or an invoice due to miscalculations, either under or over, we would include it and explain it on the next invoice to your office.   We have an open door policy of communications in all areas of our administration and programs.

To assist our accounting department, please include the invoice numbers of the payment you are making.

To reach our accounting section, call (416) 431-7788 or by fax to (416) 431-7717.  All cheques are made payable to Pals Staffing Services Inc.

Mail all cheques and payments to:

1200 Markham Rd., Suite 309
Scarborough, Ontario M1H 3C3