We believe that our primary purpose is to provide the highest level of health services available to our clients.
We believe in a “client-centered” approach to service; whether we are administrative personnel or direct care providers, we are always asking:

* Is what I am doing right now what the client wants?

* Am I providing the best possible service to the client?

* How can I improve what I am doing to enhance the service level to all clients?

We believe :

* That the client has the right to direct his or her own care,

* That we must respect the decision made by the clients

We believe that the client’s family and significant others have a role to play in the care of the clients, but that our responsibility is firstly to the client.
We believe in measuring the way in which we function clinically and administratively in order to foster an environment of Continuous Quality Improvement.
We believe that many forms of technology can be applied to enhance the level of community care provided to the client and to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the caregiver, while maintaining a caring environment.
We support the activities of the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation and will work consistently to meet its standard for excellence.
We accept the multicultural diversity of our community and respect the beliefs and values of its citizens. Our care will recognize the diversity at all times.
Pals respect the diversity of employees and learn from this variety to better understand our clients’ needs.
We know that our greatest asset is our employee and that all categories of caregivers have an important role to play in meeting the needs of our clients. Our Human Resources plan focuses continually on meeting the needs of our employees to provide a fulfilling work environment for our staff.
We understand our clients may need to receive service from different categories of caregivers from Pals over time. We believe in the need for strong case management, assessment, and supervisory skills in order to truly provide a coordinated and integrated continuum of care from Pals.
We believe that research in the field of health care will lead to excellence in service and so Pals will participate actively to further the development of “best practice” service delivery.
We expect all employees to apply innovative technologies, techniques, and products wherever possible in order to achieve excellence in service deliever.
We know that collaborative partnership with others yield a stronger organization, which will produce benefits for clients.
We accept our responsibility to ensure that Pals is operated in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible